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Learn how our orthopedic team can get you back to what you love doing most. Take your first step toward a life free of joint pain by scheduling a priority appointment with an orthopedic expert at Florida Hospital.

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You don’t have to live with joint pain forever.

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Life. Reactivated.

Experience Florida Hospital’s comprehensive orthopedic care – from prevention to diagnosis to recovery - we can help reactivate your life.

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Renowned for progressive medical programs and innovative approaches, Florida Hospital is widely regarded as having one of the top orthopedic institutes in the nation. Our surgeons have specialized training through fellowships and studies abroad, bringing their unique level of experience to the treatment of conditions of the upper and lower extremities such as chronic joint pain, arthritis and osteoporosis.

Artificial Joints. Real Results.

If you’ve had a recent hip or knee injury, or are suffering from chronic joint pain, Florida Hospital offers a full spectrum of care, including prevention, education, diagnostic testing, surgery, rehabilitation, and home care. Our compassionate, highly-experienced orthopedic team has already provided relief for thousands of patients with:

with MAKOplasty® - a precise, less–invasive procedure for the treatment of knee or hip pain. Using robotic arm assistance, this revolutionary tool allows our expert surgeons to perform knee resurfacing and hip replacements with even greater accuracy.

To learn more about this medical breakthrough, visit:

Florida Hospital has taken the next step in orthopedic innovation...

Find a Florida Hospital location most convenient for you:

  • Florida Hospital Altamonte
  • Florida Hospital Celebration Health*
  • Florida Hospital East Orlando
  • Florida Hospital Kissimmee
  • Florida Hospital Orlando*
  • Winter Park Memorial, A Florida Hospital

*MAKOplasty® treatment option available at these locations.

  • Knee or Hip Pain/Injuries
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation of the joints)
  • Osteoarthritis (the most common arthritis named the “wear and tear” arthritis; also known as Degenerative Arthritis)
  • Avascular Necrosis (lack of blood supply to the bone tissue)
  • Osteoporosis
  • Paget’s disease (abnormal bone growth)
  • Pain while standing or walking short distances, climbing up or down stairs, or getting in and out of chairs
  • Start-up pain or stiffness when initiating activities from a sitting position
  • Stiffness after periods of rest
  • Joint swelling

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